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november tends to have less than its course without cctv. part of its commitment to grow its clean energy economy new york city has on bio dome and a roof top solar installation incorporating new technology if successful with ceci says the site will be of good friends of the politics of correspondence korea cuba as the story. this rooftop in the bronx. not only has a stellar view of manhattan but is now home to the city's largest solar installation. it has more than forty seven hundred solar panels which will generate in excess of one point eight million kilowatt hours of clean energy pre year it'll end up running over thirty percent of our time electric usage for the building of the post peter clare otc senior vice president jan term cash and carry a large steel food service supplier and invested in the project. he says energy costs at this two hundred thousand square foot location. among the biggest expenses. this facility with all the refrigeration and freezer that we had to take substantial the environmental protection agency says the installation will likely offset more than twelve h
european cell wondering whether the current crisis will suck because of the home when it comes to energy. cctv jackpot and filed this report from brussels. ukraine continues to brace itself for shopping places in the price of russian gas or even gasp cops europe is also in calculating how badly the current crisis could hit its own energy supply. it's pure been told who consumes about four hundred fifty billion cubic meters of casper year. and some two thirds of these are imported from third countries. tom and one third of toast with guards are from russia. that adds up to about a quarter of europe's gas coming from russia. how stations back in the lights on. pastor warms up comes in a bull dog central heating. strong yes about how the eu russian gas supplies wrong for you cry in two thousand and nine when the kremlin cup gets during a rally with kiev because has a list in your that was during a very harsh winds of winter just passed laws that take you a mile of the sort of fit in well so we're going out clothes someone so when all talking about an immediate crisis swan contingency plans
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2